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Fun snowmobile driving experience – there's nothing else like it in Switzerland. Turn the throttle and fly through the snow with your friends.
Rent an electric snowmobile and have great fun racing around the closed circuits. Reach your drifting limits and use all your physical strength to negotiate the snowmobile around the tight bends.
The unique driving experience and exciting racing atmosphere will make the snowXpark the highlight of any team outing this winter.
Cool fun in the snow for the whole family. Switch the snowmobile to junior mode with a single click to make it safe for kids aged 12 and over.


Rent a snowmobile (reservation recommended)

Prices in CHF    
Without a reservation starting fee 5
  per minute of driving 2
With a reservation 25 minutes 65

For groups

Prices in CHF Per vehicle per hour
Rent 1-8 vehicles* 130
*The number of vehicles and duration of the event depend on the group size. Participants take it in turns to drive the electric snowmobiles during the rental perios.

NEW Ziesel test drive

Prices in CHF 10-minutes ticket
Test ride without a reservation 25

You can now test drive the unique 'Ziesel' caterpillar track vehicle in the snowXpark. You can steer the electric vehicle around its own circuit using a joystick. A must for all technology enthusiasts.

More information is available on the snowXpark website.
+41 79 822 53 79
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