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If you're a keen walker and eager to explore the natural world on your own two feet, then look no further than TITLIS. Countless hiking trails await. You can choose from a range of different levels – from a casual stroll to a challenging hike.

Here is all the information you need about our hiking trails on and around TITLIS:

  • Engelberg–Untertrübsee–Trübsee Trail

    The Engelberg-Untertrübsee-Trübsee trail takes you from Engelberg to Untertrübsee via Stapfmattli. From here, the route continues to Obertrübsee. You can tackle the climb on foot or simply hop on the Älplerseil cable car. From Obertrübsee, you can follow the Trübsee alpine flower trail to Trübsee middle station.

    Walking time 3 hours
    Height 1,000 – 1,796 metres
    Level Moderate
    Firepits 4 (boat house, Bitzi, Hüethütte, lakeside play area)
    Accessible June to October 


  • Waterfall Loop

    The circular trail starts at the play area at Trübsee and leads you to the Stäubi waterfall where the cool water from the Steinberg glacier cascades down the mountain. There is seating at the top and bottom of the waterfall where you can enjoy picturesque views of Trübsee. This walk near cool, refreshing glacier water is especially rewarding on hot days. Above the waterfall you will find beautiful, protected alpine flora.

    Walking time From Trübsee lift station: 1 hour / from the play area 50 minutes
    Height 1,796 m - 1,916 m
    Level Moderate*
    Firepits 1 (play area at the lake)
    Accessible 1 July to 15 October 2022

    *The trail is accessible to pushchairs up to the foot of the waterfall (approx. 15 minutes from the play area).


  • Trübsee circular trail

    The route around Trübsee lake is a beautiful walk for families with pushchairs or those who prefer a more leisurely stroll on the flat. And don't forget to pack a few sausages – there are four firepits along the way where you can enjoy a snack in the great outdoors.

    Walking time 1 hour
    Height 1,796 metres
    Level Easy
    Firepits 4 (boat house, Bitzi, Hüethütte, lakeside play area)
    Accessible All year round


  • Marmot trail

    The Trübsee–Jochpasslift–Jochpass–Schaftal–Tannalp–Engstlenalp–Jochpass–Jochpasslift–Trübsee trail is also known as the "Murmeliwanderung" or Marmot trail. If you take a pair of binoculars, you should be able to spot these cute little rodents close up. If you're lucky, you might even catch sight of a local chamois or ibex.
    The walk starts at Trübsee mountain station. Follow the path along the lake and take the chair lift up to Jochpass. From here, continue in the direction of Schaftal. The stunning mountain scenery that surrounds the deep-blue Engstlensee lake is sure to capture your imagination on the way to Engstlenalp.

    Walking time 5 hours
    Height 1,796 – 2,222 metres
    Level Easy
    Firepits 4 (boat house, Bitzi, Hüethütte, lakeside play area)
    Accessible June to October


  • The 4 Lakes Hike

    The 4 Lakes Hike (Engelberg-Trübsee-Jochpass-Engstlenalp-Tannalp-Melchsee-Frutt) will introduce you to one of the most beautiful parts of Central Switzerland. Take the cable car to Trübsee and walk along the lake to the Jochpass chair lift. On arriving at the top, the route continues via Engstlenalp and Tannalp to Melchsee-Frutt. Take the cable car down to Stöckalp and then hop on the Postbus to Sarnen. From here, you can take the train back to Engelberg. For more info, go to

    Walking time 4 hours (Trübsee to Melchsee-Frutt)
    Height 1,796 – 1,920 metres
    Level Moderate
    Firepits 6 (2 at Trübsee, 4 between Tannalpsee and Melchsee)
    Accessible June to October


  • Trübsee-Stand geology trail

    On the geology trail from Trübsee to Stand, you will learn plenty about the geology of the Alps. Info boards provide an insight into the geological development of the TITLIS area, while the steep panoramic trail from Trübsee mountain station to Stand offers magnificent views down into a fascinating glacier world. This trail is sure to impress with its stunning views.

    Walking time 2 hours
    Height 1,796 – 2430 metres
    Level Moderate
    Accessible June to September


  • Alpine Cheese Trail

    (Alpine Cheese Trail) connects eight Alpine dairies around Engelberg. These dairies are located at Untertrübsee, Gerschnialp, Stäfeli, Blackenalp, Steinäbnet, Surenen, Hüttismatt and Langenboden. These Alpine dairies are spread throughout TITLIS, Fürenalp and the Brunni area. It is therefore possible to do this hike in stages. The exact route description can be found at

    Walking time 16 hours (full route)
    Altitude 1,050 - 1,853 metres above sea level
    Level Moderate
    Accessible July to September

Access to the walking trails is subject to the weather and snow conditions. 

Hiking trails in Engelberg

Down in the valley, there are many other hiking trails in and around Engelberg.

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    6 Talabfahrt Kanonenrohr Trübsee - Engelberg
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    Rundweg Wasserfall: Trübsee Spielplatz - Wasserfall - Trübsee - Spielplatz
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    Trübsee circular trail
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    Geologischer Panoramaweg Stand - Trübsee
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    Stotzig Egg
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Alpine flower trail

Both alpine flower trails on TITLIS are blooming marvellous.

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