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Your snowshoes will help you make great progress through the snow.

Picture the scene – the forests and meadows have been coated with a layer of fresh snow. The sun is shining in the pale blue sky. It's the perfect time to strap on your snowshoes and make yeti-like tracks in the powdery white stuff.

Two beautiful snowshoe trails beckon on the slopes of TITLIS.

  • Gerschnialp-Untertrübsee trail

    From the mountain station, you follow the road for a short while until you reach the well-marked starting point of the Gerschnialp trail. Once you have reached the edge of the forest at Schlegi, the trail then takes you across open terrain towards Untertrübsee mountain restaurant. The route continues across a large mountain meadow, then along the edge of the forest and back to Gerschnialp mountain station.

    Snowshoeing time 2 hours 15 minutes
    Height 1,262 – 1,240 metres
    Level Easy
    Accessible December to March


  • Obertrübsee trail

    The Obertrübsee trail can be completed as a circular trail, an extension of the Gerschnialp-Untertrübsee snowshoe trail or from Trübsee cable car station in the direction of Engelberg.
    The snowshoe trail from Gerschnialp station to Untertrübsee ends at the Älplerseil cable car station. From here you can hop in the cable car and ascend 400 metres over the steep Kanonenrohr.  Once you've reached the top, there are two routes to Trübsee cable car station:

    1.) This trail goes via Bitzi (3.25 km) and leads you through a picturesque winter landscape The spectacular view over Engelberg is a real highlight.

    Snowshoeing time 1 hour 15 minutes
    Height 1,707 – 1,852 metres
    Level Easy
    Accessible December to April


    2.) This trail goes via Chrützhubel (2.5 km) and leads you across a moraine to the spectacular vantage point of Chrützhubel and then along the frozen lake to Trübsee mountain station.

    Snowshoeing time 1 hour
    Height     1,707 – 1790 metres
    Level Easy
    Accessible December to April

    This snowshoe trail also makes for a great circular walk (5.5 km).

    Snowshoeing time 2 hours
    Height 1,707 – 1,852 metres
    Level Easy
    Accessible December to April

    Out of respect for the animals, please remain on the marked trail at all times.

Snowshoe trails in Engelberg

There are many other snowshoe trails around Engelberg.


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