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Avalanche Training Centre (ATC)

When it comes to rescuing someone from an avalanche, every minute counts. For this reason, everyone should know how to operate their avalanche transceiver.

The Avalanche Training Centre (ATC) runs training exercises below the Laubersgrat station during the winter. Avalanche training facilities provide an opportunity to practise with avalanche transceivers under realistic conditions. 

The training ground comprises an area of approx. 100 x 100 m. Hidden under the snow are several avalanche devices with a 40 x 60 cm probe button. They can be switched on and off by a control centre using radio technology. Searches are carried out using avalanche transceivers and probes. As soon as the probe detects an active transmitter, this is displayed on the searcher's avalanche transceiver and at the control centre.

The training facility is very easy to use and self-explanatory. There is also a control mode for experts wishing to carry out special exercises. This means that the level of difficulty can be adapted to suit each user group.


Opening times20 January 2023 - 16 April 2023 open daily, depending on the snow and weather conditions
Price for trainingFree

Avalanche instruction by patroller

January to beginning of AprilEvery Friday at 2pm at the Avalanche Training Center below the Laubersgrat valley station.

Once a week we offer you the opportunity to spontaneously take part in free avalanche instruction by our patroller. Learn tricks and tips for efficient avalanche rescue.

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