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Environment & Sustainability

  • Hydroelectric power

    100% hydroelectric power

    The electricity used by TITLIS Bergbahnen, Hotels & Gastronomie comes entirely from hydropower from the Nidwalden and Obwalden power stations. This applies to all lifts, technical snowmaking, maintenance and workshops, office premises, Hotel Terrace, Trübsee Alpine Lodge and the Titlis Resort holiday apartment village.


    Certificate NIDWALDEN                                         Certificate OBWALDEN

  • Electric charging stations

    There are five electric charging stations available to guests for a fee in the TITLIS Cableways car park. You can charge your vehicle conveniently by scanning a QR code and paying by credit card. If you have the eCarUP app installed on your smartphone, you can initiate the charging process directly via the app. 

    Technical information about the charging stations: 
    Operator: SyEnergy 
    Plug and socket device: Type 2 plug
    Power output: up to 22 kW / 32 A per station
    Number of charging stations: 5
    Cost: 47 cents/KWh

  • Energy efficiency & climate protection

    We take responsibility – for our employees, our environment and our society! Together, we are committed to a sustainable future.

    It is very important to TITLIS Bergbahnen, Hotels & Gastronomie that we make our contribution to climate protection. We have therefore made a target agreement with act Cleantech Agency Switzerland to optimize our energy efficiency and reduce our CO2 emissions. The target agreement is recognized by the federal government and cantons as a means of improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.


  • Contribution to a more resource-efficient Switzerland

    TITLIS Bergbahnen, Hotels & Gastronomie has set itself the objective of making its processes and products more resource-efficient. Together with experts from the consultancy programme, measures have been developed to save material and energy, or to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives. These measures will be implemented by the end of March 2024. The company is thus making a contribution to a sustainable Swiss economy. 



  • Water Survival Box at Golf Stubli, Ski hut Stand, Trübsee Alpine Lodge

    Drinking glacier water & helping people in need

    Our drinking water comes straight from the TITLIS glacier and is so refreshing! And the best thing about this is that we are able to offer other people access to clean water, too. The Water Survival Box is used in numerous disaster zones. This means that thousands of families have a way to make their drinking water clean.

    By selling valuable mountain spring water, Golf Stubli, Ski hut Stand and Trübsee Alpine Lodge are actively supporting the Water Survival Box project with CHF 2 per bottle. For sustainability reasons, we do not sell water in PET bottles in the restaurant.

    More information on the Water Survival Box project can be found here.

  • Schweizer Berghilfe (Swiss Mountain Aid)

    Operating on behalf of the Swiss mountain regions

    Swiss Mountain Aid has been helping people in the Swiss mountain regions since 1943. It helps to create projects, jobs and added value in the mountains. In this way, it counteracts the migration of mountain populations and ensures that the mountain regions remain well-inhabited moving forward.

    Schmuggli's adventure trail was opened at Trübsee in the summer of 2019. Objects are hidden at six different posts along the trail and these objects lead families to the treasure at the end. At the "Donation" post, we collect money for Swiss Mountain Aid.