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在瑞士,这一饶有趣味的电动雪地车项目是一次独一无二的体验。 打开油门,与您的同伴在雪道上比一比速度。

与卡丁车赛道相比,特吕布湖的铁力士山X 雪地乐园更好玩。 您可以骑上我们的电动雪地车,在不同的赛道上一较高下。最长的赛道长约1公里,一次可以容纳6至8辆雪地车在赛道上竞跑。


New this winter – moon bikes

Fast, quiet and electric – the world's first electric snowbike offers a new way to explore nature. Thanks to its size, ultra-light weight and low centre of gravity, the moon bike is easy for anyone to ride and promises a super-fast start.

Electric snowmobiles

Rent an electric snowmobile in the TITLIS SnowXpark at Trübsee and have fun racing around the closed circuits. Reach your drifting limits and use all your physical strength to negotiate the snowmobile around the tight bends.

Junior mode
Cool fun in the snow for the whole family. Switch the snowmobile to junior mode with a single click to make it safe for kids aged 12 and over.


16.12.2023 - 14.04.2024周一 – 周日, 10.30 / 16:30


ServicePrices in CHF
e-Snowmobile rental for 25 minutes incl. briefing and battery change65
Moon Bike rental for 25 minutes incl. briefing and battery change65
Action cam for the ride and raw footage per snowmobile20

Wenn du länger fahren möchtest, kannst du auch 2x 25 Minuten buchen. Zwischen den zwei Fahrzeiten wechselt unser Team dein Akku.

  • Team excursions

    Are you looking for an action-packed activity for a team outing? Then look no further! Thanks to the exciting motor sports atmosphere and unique driving experience, the TITLIS SnowXpark will be the highlight of any team excursion. 

    We also will be pleased to offer you a customized package incl. lift ticket, aperitif and electric snowmobile ride. We can also book a fondue, raclette evening or hearty macaroni cheese meal for your group.

    Let us know your requirements and we will come up with the perfect package for you.

  • Action cam

    Film your ride

    Film your snowmobile ride with our action cam. Different camera mounts on the vehicle and helmet show you your action-packed ride from different angles. After the ride, you can keep the SD card with the raw footage.
    It costs CHF 20 per snowmobile to rent the action cam.


  • Operations...
    TITLIS Xpress Engelberg - Trübsee





把纯粹的欢乐当作礼物! 我们的优惠券保证让您拥有难忘的体验。